Seasoned Property Division Attorney During A Divorce

When you are involved in a divorce and are attempting to determine how marital assets and debts will be divided, it can be easy to "lose the forest for the trees." A party can get too attached to an item of property, resulting in a protracted, costly litigation.

During such an emotionally charged time, you will benefit from the sound and considered guidance of a lawyer who has worked with divorce clients in similar situations for 25 years. Attorney Andrew Wolfenson will work closely with you to examine your individual situation, explain your rights and options, and provide you with a realistic assessment of potential outcomes. We understand the strong emotions that accompany a marital breakup. We know from experience that the best resolution in most marital property disputes is an efficient one.

Dividing Property In New Jersey

We work directly with clients to identify the property to be divided, helping clients value their assets and even discover assets they don't realize they own. We develop marital property agreements that fairly distribute all assets, including real property, investments, retirement plans and business assets. In New Jersey, property division is a highly fact-specific determination. The court will view the marital estate in its entirety, considering all the assets and debts together as a whole. Then, taking into account the whole picture, the court will attempt to divide the assets as evenly as possible.

What About Marital Debt?

Many couples hold joint credit cards or have both of their names on loans or lines of credit. That means you are legally bound to pay those debts, even if, for example, your spouse ran up considerable credit card debt on a card you never used. Although the court may assign such a debt to your ex-spouse, the creditor can still pursue you for payment if your ex-spouse defaults. For this reason, attorney Wolfenson always negotiates with debt in mind. In some situations, for example, it may be preferable to pay part of your ex-spouse's debt in exchange for keeping all of your retirement assets.

Our focus is protecting our client's best interests. We strive to determine the most pragmatic way to divide assets and debts creatively and appropriately. At our offices, we take the time to build a solid relationship with our clients and take pride in our follow-through. We are compassionate and empathetic to your situation. It is our goal to work hard to make you feel at ease during difficult times.

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