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Medical issues can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2021 | Divorce |

Divorce can happen for many reasons, but people tend to focus mostly on infidelity as the main source of marital problems. It’s important to diversify your thinking and consider other potential reasons, especially if you think you may get divorced and you want to plan ahead to secure your future. 

With that in mind, one thing that can lead to divorce is a serious injury, a chronic health problem or a medical issue. It may not cause the divorce immediately, but it can take a toll over time. Couples who break up sometimes cite medical problems that began months or even years before they started seriously thinking about divorce. 

Chronic illness can change the dynamic between a couple

One reason that medical problems lead to divorce is that they change the relationship. Say one spouse gets involved in a car accident and is disabled. The other spouse is now a caregiver for life, not an equal partner in a loving relationship. This is no one’s fault — save for the other driver, who caused the crash — but the adjustment can be very hard. Many people realize that the relationship is no longer what they signed up for when they got married. 

A related issue is the financial strain illness brings, especially with chronic issues. Medical care is extremely expensive in the United States. A couple may feel that they’re always at the edge of bankruptcy. That can take a severe toll, as well, and can be enough to cause a divorce. 

Splitting up when one spouse has significant health issues

If you are thinking of getting divorced for this reason or any other, you must know exactly what legal steps to take. When a spouse is chronically ill, that can have consequences on child custody, the division of marital property and support. An advocate can help you learn more based on the unique circumstances of your case.

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