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Cohabitation leads to lower divorce rates

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Divorce And Family Law |

It’s very interesting to study divorce rates. Many people have heard the misnomer that half of all marriages end in divorce, or they’ve heard that the divorce rates just keep going up because the younger generation doesn’t care about marriage. 

In reality, though, the divorce rate for most age groups has been falling. In fact, 2019 saw a 50-year low in overall divorce for Americans. Why is the reality so different from the things that people say about divorce? 

The situation has changed over the years

One thing to consider is that the advent of no-fault divorce did cause a spike in divorce rates, mostly in the 70s and 80s. People who talk about the trends are often just still repeating what they were told about that spike. 

Since then, though, the divorce rate has been falling. One of the biggest reasons is that modern couples are far more open to cohabitation. This means that they tend to get married at a later age, which supports stronger marriages. 

It also means that a couple who is unmarried and who then breaks up doesn’t technically have to go through the entire divorce process. They may have similar issues to consider, such as dividing what they own or sharing time with their joint children, but they don’t have to get divorced. 

What does your situation mean for you?

As noted, both those who are getting divorced and unmarried couples who are separating may need to know their legal rights regarding property, support and child visitation. Your situation helps dictate the next steps you should take. An attorney can offer invaluable guidance in all situations. 

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