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Should you move out before the divorce is final?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Divorce |

One of the reasons why divorce is tricky is the fact that every decision you make can determine its direction. A single mistake can cost you significantly. For this reason, you need to be strategic with how you make decisions. Moving out or remaining in the family home is one of the decisions. Which option is correct?

This guide discusses this in-depth.

Is it a mistake?

Moving out of the family home before your divorce is final may affect child custody and property division. If you move out months before the case is final and fail to spend adequate time with your kids, your spouse may use this during the child custody battle. Spending less time with them now may lead to an allocation of less time in the court-ordered parenting plan.

Further, if you move out and keep paying bills in the family home, especially when you have kids, the court may order you to continue doing so. This is because it proves you are able to start a new life and pay the bills of two homes.

Is it safe?

If safety is a concern, possibly you have experienced violence or have been threatened, it will be best to move out. With professional guidance, you can find solutions for the concerns discussed above. For instance, you and your spouse can develop a parenting plan that allows you to spend sufficient time with the kids.

Moreover, you should consult a professional before paying bills in both homes. They can help you find a way to support your kids and spouse without going beyond.

Moving out before a divorce is final is one of the most debatable subjects. You should get professional guidance to make informed decisions.  

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