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Will starting to date impact your divorce proceedings?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2023 | Divorce |

It takes long enough to get divorced that many people want to start dating before it’s official. The divorce process itself feels like a formality. Yes, you have to sort out the legal details of ending your marriage, but the relationship – from an emotional perspective – is already over.

But you might be worried to begin dating while you’re still technically married. Is this going to have any impact on the divorce case itself? Should you wait until it has concluded?

It can make things more complicated

It’s not illegal to date, but that doesn’t mean that it’s always the best decision. And it can make your case more complicated.

For example, maybe it was going to be an amicable divorce and your spouse was willing to cooperate with you. But they may be angry to see that you’re already dating again, and so it can turn into a contentious divorce. This doesn’t stop the divorce from happening, but it can make it take longer and it can make it more complicated.

Additionally, your new partner could be involved in the divorce in some ways. For example, maybe you have children. Your spouse alleges that your new partner is dangerous for the children to be around. Will this impact your odds of getting custody? Or maybe your spouse believes that you are frivolously spending money on this new relationship to intentionally dissipate marital assets. Will that impact what percentage of the assets you’re given during property division?

So, while you’re not prohibited from dating, it is important to consider how it may impact a divorce case as you look into all the legal options that you have during this time.

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