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Deciding to cut contact with an ex during divorce

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Divorce |

Sometimes, couples work through the end of their marriage amicably, which helps reduce tension, minimize stress and streamline the divorce process while saving money and time. However, this is not possible for everyone and some people decide to cut contact completely with their ex. 

If you want nothing to do with your ex during (and after) your divorce, it is imperative to take steps to protect yourself. Moreover, if you are a parent or there is a significant amount at stake in terms of your finances, it is crucial to pay attention to family law matters. 

Custody and other concerns involving children 

Unfortunately, cutting contact is especially hard for parents. Many parents have difficulty sharing custody with their ex. In some cases, such as instances of domestic violence, it is imperative to take additional measures to protect your child (such as pursuing a restraining order). These concerns need to be brought to the court’s attention during a divorce. Moreover, the impact of two parents avoiding each other entirely is often particularly hard for kids to process. 

Financial matters 

If you are expected to pay or receive child support or alimony, eliminating communication with your ex is also tricky. For example, many people have a hard time explaining why payments are late or avoiding additional legal complications when they are unable to discuss these issues with their ex. Property division and other financial topics also pose challenges. 

Regardless of the hurdles you are facing, it is imperative to protect yourself and do what is necessary for your mental health. Our law firm covers many other topics on ending a marriage. 

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