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Can the state of New Jersey help you collect your child support?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2021 | Divorce And Family Law |

In a word, yes. Most states have strict enforcement services developed to deter those who might otherwise abandon their support obligations. In many cases, knowing that the state might step in for nonpayment of child support keeps noncustodial parents current.

Unfortunately, there are situations when the threat of enforcement does not ensure that a parent will continue paying child support. If this happens to you, consider increasing your education about how the state collects the financial support owed to your child.

What does the state do about nonpayment of support?

In all states, the best interests of the child always come first. When parents do not meet their obligations, the government enforces parental support responsibility in the following ways.

  • Withholding the parent’s income
  • Reporting the parent to credit agencies
  • Taking away some of the parent’s assets
  • Intercepting the parent’s lottery prizes or other winnings
  • Suspending the parent’s driving or professional licenses
  • Denying the parent a passport

Most states use computer programs to identify those behind on payments or who have not paid child support. However, you may be able to seek help from the state before your child suffers unduly from nonpayment. Your attorney can request a formal hearing on behalf of your child.

Contrary to popular belief, enforcing support obligations sometimes benefits nonpaying parents. These individuals learn a vital lesson about the serious approach that the state government takes against nonpayment. Most parents remain compliant with their responsibilities after going through enforcement procedures. As you might imagine, this can improve the relationship between noncustodial parents and their children.

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