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Resolving a boundary dispute with a neighbor

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

There are few bigger purchases than obtaining a new family home. For many people, this is a lifelong goal that they have worked extremely hard for.

Due to the importance of the family home, people can be very protective of their property. Generally, neighbors manage to get by amicably each day. Some may simply say hello while passing and others may become close friends.

Unfortunately, these neighborly relationships are not always sustainable, especially when disputes over real estate arise. One of the more common types of real estate disputes relates to property boundaries. Boundary disputes essentially occur where one person believes that a neighbor has intruded on their legal property. If you find yourself in the middle of such a disagreement, how can it be resolved?

Acknowledge the issue

If a neighbor has encroached on your land, it is important to raise the issue. If you do nothing about it, then you may be inadvertently surrendering some of your legal rights. Acknowledging that there is an issue doesn’t mean that you have to go in all guns blazing, in fact, it might be in your best interests to take a more sensitive approach in the beginning. Often, boundary disputes arise from a simple misunderstanding, and you and your neighbor might be able to resolve the issue through a reasonable and informal conversation.

Establish your property rights  

If your neighbor is standing firm, then you may need to explain your legal property rights to them. Boundary lines are usually outlined in property deeds and survey reports. If necessary, both parties can obtain their own surveys to clarify legal claims to land.

You have legal rights

If neither informal nor formal conversations work with your neighbor, then you may need to start thinking about legal options. Boundary disputes are settled every day in the courts and with the right knowledge behind you, you can obtain a desirable resolution and get back to enjoying your home.

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