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How does supervised visitation work? 

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Divorce And Family Law |

There are numerous outcomes that can arise from child custody cases. Whichever arrangement the courts end up signing off on, the reasoning behind it will be based on the best interests of the child. 

In some cases, the court may decide that supervised visitation is necessary. Often, this is a temporary measure but it is ultimately at the discretion of the family court. What is supervised visitation and how does it work? 

Reasons for supervised visitation 

There are several components that the family court will consider when deciding what is in the best interests of the child. At the forefront of these is safety. If there are any potential risks to the safety of the child, then supervised visitation may be ordered. For instance, if one parent has a history of substance abuse or antisocial behavior, supervised visitation may be required until they can prove that there is no danger to the child. 

In some situations, a parent may have only just found out that they have a child. The child has grown up for a few years without them. Supervised visitation can be used to assist an estranged parent in getting to know their child on a gradual basis. 

How supervised visitation functions 

Sometimes, supervised visitation can occur at a domestic residence but it usually takes place in a specially designed facility. During visits, a responsible third party will be on standby at all times in case the visit becomes too much for the child or parent. 

As a parent, you have a host of rights at your disposal. To assert these rights, it will benefit you to seek some legal guidance

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