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What homeowners should know about New Jersey eminent domain

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Real Estate Law |

New Jersey homeowners should become familiar with eminent domain. The government can acquire private property for public use that benefits the overall community.

Reviewing eminent domain laws can help you understand your rights if you face this challenging situation.

Notice of eminent domain

Homeowners may receive an eminent domain notice if development plans affect their property. If this occurs, carefully read and understand the document. Ensure that it includes accurate details about the value of the property and the reason for the action.

You should confirm that the notice is legitimate. Check the government agency’s name, contact information and official seal. You can also reach out to the agency directly to validate the notice.

Fair compensation

Homeowners should understand the valuation process for eminent domain. The government must provide just compensation by indicating the offer amount in the eminent domain notice. You can seek professional advice if an agency inadequately values your home. The offer should cover the fair appraisal amount and your relocation expenses.

Eminent domain challenges

Homeowners have the right to challenge eminent domain actions. You must demonstrate lack of public purpose or unfair compensation. Stay informed about public hearings related to the eminent domain process. Attend these meetings to voice your concerns, ask questions and understand the project’s impact on your community.

According to the Property and Environment Research Center, the state owns 21% of the land in New Jersey. The federal government also has substantial land holdings here. You can take a proactive approach to eminent domain by reviewing development plans for alignment with public welfare.

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