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Resolving LGBT Divorce Issues

Today, LGBT couples enjoy the same marriage rights as same-sex couples. This was not so until the recent past and many LGBT couples who joined in civil unions or cohabitated for a long time but were unable to get married have questions about how divorce and child custody laws apply in their unique circumstances.

At the law firm of Wolfenson & Ashkenazi, P.C., we have long helped LGBT couples navigate through complex family law matters in New Jersey. Now that LGBT marriage is legal throughout the U.S., we draw upon our extensive experience to help clients with the gay divorce issues that remain distinct from same-sex marriage and divorce.

How Long Would You Have Been Married For?

In some cases, LGBT couples have been married for only a couple of years but have been in committed relationships for much longer, and would have been married sooner if the law had allowed it. The case law in these situations is still developing, but a court may rule as if the couple had been married for the period of time they would have been married, versus the time they have actually been married. This can play a significant role in determining property division in a divorce, as length of the marriage is a contributing factor.

Dissolving Civil Unions

Another issue facing some same-sex couples is the dissolution of a civil union. Many LGBT couples joined in civil unions before they were legally allowed to get married, and the process for dissolving those unions is different than divorce. We can guide you through all aspects of the process of civil union dissolution, as well as accompanying issues such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division.

Experienced Lawyers Handling All Family Law Issues

We are here to represent you in all divorce and family law issues, not just the ones that are unique to LGBT couples. To arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced New Jersey LGBT divorce attorney, please call us at 908-686-7230 or contact our law firm online.

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