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Modifications & Relocations

The final divorce decree and final child support and child custody orders do not mean that you and your ex-spouse will never again have to communicate. If you have children, the likely reality is that you will continue to communicate long into the future regarding your children’s needs.

Child support and child custody orders may need to change as time passes and circumstances change. New Jersey laws allow for modifications of child support or child custody and visitation agreements or orders.

Post-Divorce Modifications In New Jersey

Applications for modifications of child support orders are extremely common, especially during difficult economic times. If either parent’s financial circumstances change significantly, it may be possible to increase or decrease the amount of child support. Do not just make an informal agreement with your ex. Even if you informally agree to a lower amount, you could still find yourself responsible for unpaid child support if the state child support agency is not notified of the change.

Child Custody Modifications: Parental And Child Relocation

Several types of situations may arise in which one or both parents may want a modification of the child custody or visitation order.

  • If the custodial parent wants to move out of state for a better job opportunity or another reason, the parent cannot do so without the noncustodial parent’s consent or a court hearing. The relocation must be in the best interests of the child, not just the parent, taking into account the likely effect of the move on the child’s relationship with the noncustodial parent.
  • If a parent with visitation rights loses his or her job, he or she may offer to take on more custodial duties so that the main custodial parent can devote more time to work. If the child custody arrangements change, the child support amounts will probably change too.

Free Attorney Consultation

As with any decision relating to divorce or your children, it is wise to consult an experienced divorce lawyer before making any final decisions. To consult with Wolfenson & Ashkenazi, P.C., our seasoned child custody lawyers in Cedar Knolls, contact us to make an appointment. Your initial meeting with a lawyer is free.

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