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Countering The Destructive Influence Of Parental Alienation

At the law firm of Wolfenson & Ashkenazi, P.C., we always strive to resolve child custody disputes in an amicable manner that puts as little strain as possible on the child-parent relationship. We believe that no one is well-served by a nasty, drawn-out legal battle, least of all the children.

Sadly, these disputes sometimes bring out the worst in parents. Some even try to pit their children against the other parent or other relatives, a destructive practice known as parental alienation.

Our law firm is dedicated to countering parental alienation and other ugly tactics that arise out of a child custody dispute. We provide skilled, attentive service to clients in Union, Cedar Knolls and throughout the surrounding New Jersey communities.

When Parents Go Too Far

In a divorce that involves children, it’s not uncommon for one parent to say something negative about the other in front of the child. While this is not healthy, it happens sometimes in the heat of the moment and does not amount to an actionable legal transgression.

When a parent actively and continually disparages the other parent, however, it becomes parental alienation and can play a significant role in child custody and visitation proceedings. In New Jersey, parental alienation is considered a form of emotional child abuse. Family court judges will take action to remedy it in court.

Our attorneys are committed to protecting our clients and the best interests of their children. If you suspect your spouse or ex is trying to pit your child against you, we are here to listen and take appropriate legal action. We are skilled at reaching amicable settlements in child custody disputes, but are never reluctant to aggressively litigate when the circumstances warrant it.

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If you are seeking legal guidance for any child custody or visitation issue, including parental alienation, our lawyers are here to help. Please contact our law offices online or by telephone at 908-686-7230 to arrange your free initial consultation.